The Kuran Kaname fanlisting has been online since May 8, 2022 ♥

It is entitled Masquerade, which means to disguise oneself and is fitting for this Pureblood vampire. Kaname has a mysterious past and agenda, and his actions are always carefully calculated. You never quite know what he is thinking, but you still can't help but be mesmerized by his charm and aura ♪

Version 1 Midnight Rhapsody features a dark and sultry design featuring Kaname in all his regal glory ♥ He has a way of casually gazing at you with those hauntingly beautiful eyes, knowing full well there is nothing you can do to resist him X3 I also love the way he is gently cradling the butterfly in his hand, symbolizing his love for Yuuki ♥


 Merupuri Merupuri: Aram Merupuri: Aram & Airi Vampire Knight Vampire Knight: Kaname & Yuuki


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